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Concrete Paving Services

At Command Construction Industries, we've successfully executed a wide array of projects, showcasing our expertise in slip form paving of roadways, with widths of up to 32 feet. Our capabilities also extend to slip form curb and gutter construction, as well as slip form scab on curb installations. Furthermore, we specialize in constructing concrete median barriers and concrete bridge barrier rails, employing advanced techniques utilizing the Miller 8800 formless paver.


Command Construction Industries has a proven track record of successfully completing numerous municipal utility projects throughout the Greater New Orleans area and across Southeast Louisiana. Whether it involves new construction or reconstruction, our experienced crews bring their expertise and dedication to every project. Working independently or as part of comprehensive infrastructure initiatives, Command self-performs a range of utility services, including but not limited to: water systems, sanitary sewer systems, lift stations, pump stations, drainage and box culverts.

Heavy Civil Construction

Command Construction Industries has successfully executed numerous projects involving small buildings or pre-engineered structures as integral components of civil infrastructure initiatives. Notable projects include the Mandeville Park & Ride shelter, which was completed in 2007, and our more recent endeavor, the Washington Pedestrian Bridge in New Orleans.

The Washington Pedestrian Bridge represents a significant addition to the urban landscape, offering an elevated walkway complete with two elevator towers spanning Washington Avenue and connecting various buildings within the Xavier University Campus. This project exemplifies our commitment to innovative design and construction solutions that enhance connectivity and accessibility within urban environments.